August 17, 2017

Ravens fans sum up the Ravens in YouTube video

You know of all the NFL teams the Bengals face, none are more accurately represented by the actions of their fanbase than that of the Baltimore Ravens.

You see, the Ravens think they are mean, they think they are smash mouth and they think they should be feared. Take Ray Lewis for example, still looked at as one of the premiere linebackers in the game. Watch him during the game however and you see a guy a step slow who is usually one of the last people to the pile but will still dance like he made the play.

The Bengals are not intimidated (much like the chief fan in the video).  Having swept the Ravens in 2005, 2007 and 2009, they are ready to begin the 2011 sweep of the Ravens.

So watch the video and laugh at the idiot Ravens fans, and in turn, laugh at the Ravens players when they are treated much like the fans in this video by the Bengals.



  1. Your an Idiot says:

    LMAO. Get prepared to get owned Sunday. The Bengals are a joke. I mean they have a ginger running the show as their QB. Enough said. The only reason they’re 6-3 is because they have beaten the bottom dwellers of the league, now that your facing elite competition look what’s happening. A rookie QB vs. a veteran laden defense the Ravens posses, advantage Ravens all day.

    • Facing elite competition? The Ravens are elite? Hey dumbass, the bottom dweller teams we beat include Jacksonville, Tennessee and Seattle. You know, all three teams that beat the Ravens.

      And if you are going to call someone an idiot, you should probably spell you’re right.

    • You are an insipid ass.
      All you’ve got is that Dalton has red hair? That’s sad. Aren’t you going to make fun of the Bengals for having a white running back? Or for having so many of those (insert your racist term of choice) Samoans on defense? Or of former Bengal Dhani Jones for wearing bow ties?
      I know you are the cream of the Baltimore school system, but clearly your peabrain is no faster than Ray Lewis these days. But thanks for being our “an idiot”. We already own a cadre of Steeler idiots, but I suppose we could clear some room for a purple one.

  2. Your an Idiot says:

    Wait who’s in first place in the AFC North? Oh yeah, that’s right, the Ravens. Get your facts straight, the Ravens are still in first despite that. Get your popcorn ready for Sunday and enjoy the beat down courtesy of Ray Lewis and company.

    • ha ha, so we were elite last week and you were not? You really are dumb.

    • Hey idiot, you really should quit while you’re behind.
      If you want “facts”, look at this: The Steelers are in first place in the AFC North right now, dumbass. They are 7-3. The Ravens are 6-3, a half game behind them. I understand if you got confused because you ran out of fingers, but you have more on the other hand.