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Comeback Falls Short, 31-24

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  1. Bill says:

    Silly me, I thought that when a player carried the ball into the end zone, the play was over as soon as the ball crossed the plain. But I’ll leave whining about officiating to Ravens’ fans since they are so good at it.
    I’m wondering how the defense didn’t know that the deep ball was coming on the Ravens’ last TD? I knew it was coming from 500 miles away. Every team in the league takes a deep shot immediately after a turnover at that part of the field. How the safeties let Smith get behind them is beyond me.
    I’m concerned that the 2nd interception came in the same spot from the LOS as both by the Steelers. They’ve figured out where he likes to go. Andy does throw short right a lot.
    In the end, I’m disappointed by the loss but I’m still not discouraged. They aren’t quite where we/they want to be, but they are not far away. They were 7 yards from matching the Ravens and erasing a 17 point lead. I want to see how they handle the rematches (starting next week) before saying they can’t hang with teams like them.