Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Bengals/Ravens

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  1. C-Lo says:

    Hey Nate, Ravens fan here.

    First of all, very well-written observations, and I can’t say that I disagree with the majority of what you had to say here, especially on Dalton’s performance, which, aside from the 3 turnovers, more than impressed me.

    However, one significant point worth mentioning on the horse-collar no-call: apparently, according to NFL network commentators (and that’s not to say that what those guys declare is absolute truth, but they did seem pretty certain), there is no such thing as an illegal horse-collar tackle on a quarterback who is still inside the pocket. I assume that exception to the rule exists because that type of tackle is dangerous mainly when it’s is committed on a player who is in running full or near-full speed, as it has the potential to cause serious lower-body injury, but when a QB is in the pocket, he is very rarely (if ever) in said speed. The ref made the right decision there.

    Here is the video (3:15 in):

    That said, I will certainly agree with you on the overturned touchdown…a good call, but based on an unfortunately murky and downright silly rule. It needs to be altered in some way.

    Looking forward to Week 17…playoff implications may very well be in effect for both teams then, and Andy Dalton and co. have already proven themselves a force to be reckoned with. Good luck the rest of the way!


  2. Nate says:

    Did some more research on this. Despite what the commentators said during the game, you’re right. horse collars don’t apply to QBs in the pocket and runners in the tackle box.

    It’s good to see some intelligence in the Charm City. Nice work.