June 28, 2017

First Draft


Would the Bengals draft Michael Floyd if he were available next spring? Hmmm...

With Cincinnati still alive in what appears to be a heated AFC playoff race, it seems a little crazy to be thinking about the NFL Draft. But since we’re used to doing that this time of year (when the Bengals have already eliminated themselves), old habits die hard. Plus, this season Cincinnati gets two first-rounders thanks to the Carson Palmer trade. My guess is that both picks will lie somewhere in the last third of the first round.

Here’s a quick look at a few prospects who could land there and how they might fit with the Bengals:

David DeCastro, G, Stanford – Even with Clint Boling on the roster, Cincinnati might look to add another guard in the offseason, perhaps someone who could play on the left side. With Andy Dalton playing well, it makes a lot of sense to protect Cincinnati’s franchise quarterback with a solid offensive line. DeCastro, who is 6-4 and 313 pounds, “is ready to start in the NFL,” according to ESPN’s Todd McShay and should be pretty intelligent considering his Stanford pedigree.

Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame – Even though our own Nick Seuberling, a huge Fighting Irish fanboy, would probably endorse this pick, it doesn’t make great sense for the Bengals. While Floyd would present huge matchup problems for the defense (who the heck are you going to cover?), the Bengals already have a game-breaking wideout in A.J. Green. There’s no need for another top-tier one. (Who are we, the Detroit Lions?). Cincinnati has plenty of playmakers with Green, Jermaine Gresham, Andrew Hawkins, and Jordan Shipley when he returns. I’d prefer that the team address other areas of need first before looking to the wideout position.

Running backs:  Outside of Alabama’s Trent Richardson, who is expected to be a top pick, most prognosticators don’t expect many first-round running backs. Mid-tier players like Virginia Tech’s David Wilson and Washington’s Chris Polk could be targets for the Bengals. On a side (and a homer) note, I think Ohio State’s “Boom” Herron could be a sleeper in this year’s draft. He doesn’t possess elite speed, but he is a North-South runner who has put up some good statistics against quality competition. I’d be happy to see the Bengals snag him at some point.

There’s a lot of football to be played before the Bengals walk to the podium for their first pick, but it’s always fun to think ahead. Especially when it might make for a even brighter future.



  1. Dylan Gaffnet says:

    What about Cordy Glenn from Georgia at LG? Man is a monster.

  2. Early grades have him going in the second round. The Bengals seem to like players from Georgia. They’ll look at him.

  3. Hell yeah I’d draft Floyd in a heartbeat. Like you said Nate, who you gonna cover? I think they’ll let Simpson and Caldwell go in FA. Gonna need another deep threat on the outside opposite of Green while Shipley and Hawk continue to man the interior of the field with Cochart and Gresham. Then if he’s not tendered, I’d go after Matt Forte in FA.

  4. any secondary help Nate? A safety could help a ton on this defense.

  5. Chaz (Siegfried and Rey) says:

    Need to spend our two #1s on CB and DT – both positions are thin in this draft, and both very necessary for Bengals Depth. I don’t think the front office will be willing to pay Pat Sims enough to stay, and DT depth is what stops 4th quarter comeback drives. Leon will be back and healthy, but we need a guy who can cover the speedsters past 40 yards from scrimmage, where Leon’s less effective.

  6. According to ScoutsInc. The first-round talent is loaded with defensive linemen and cornerbacks, but not many safeties. The Bengals need one, but perhaps Taylor Mays or Robert Sands could ascend to that role.

  7. Chaz (Siegfried and Rey) says:

    Nate –

    I think Reggie Nelson has locked down FS for the projected future. He’s better in coverage than most of the others (barring a surprise ascension of Mays, Sands, Miles, or anyone), and Mays (weaker in coverage) is Zimmer’s dream SS – he hits as hard as Roy Williams did, ridiculously fast, and is supposedly coming along well with the playbook (Marvin is happy with his progress). I don’t see Safety as a huge need right now, and while I would love to find the next Reed or Polamalu as much as the next guy, we’re thin at CB and can never have enough D-line depth with Fanene and Sims’ contracts up.

  8. I agree that corner is the biggest need. They can’t have enough depth there, even with Hall and Clements back next year and if they bring Jones back. But will they go with Hall, Clements, Jones and Jennings again next year? That’s 4 first round picks… at least on paper.
    I say that OG is the next biggest need. Bobbie Williams contract is up this year, and I have a hard time thinking they will bring him back over Clint Boling. If Williams goes, they need a guard anyway. But the running attack just needs more punch. But unfortunately, there are not any OGs in the bottom half of the first round right now, unless someone falls as the deck reshuffles in February and March.
    RB is a big need in my mind. But with the Bengals’ track record with high RB picks, no way. I can’t sentence another guy to a career-ending knee injury. And we still have never seen what Peerman could do.
    Since OGs are sparse and DTs & LBs are plentiful, I would not argue with taking either of those positions. Fanene wanted a big contract this past offseason and couldn’t find one, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he tried again. Brandon Johnson also wants a starting gig, so he may need to be replaced if he can find one.

  9. I’d put cornerback as a huge need as well. Pac Man and Clements are older, Jennings may be best as a nickel player, and Hall might need two years to fully recover. That should make for a high cornerback draft pick. On a side note, Trent Richardson is reported to be returning to Bama next season. So those trade up scenarios are now a moot point.

  10. I like running back or Wide receiver with one of the picks, but the other has to go to the secondary–either safety or corner.

  11. I think it would be great to get top-tier corner back. I haven’t seen many this year, but that is definitely a need. Robert Blanton from Notre Dame could be good