Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Bengals/Browns

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  1. Bill says:

    I agree about Hawkins. That catch-and-run was unbelievable. He ought to own the slot. The Bengals will have an interesting problem whenever Shipley is ready to come back. They won’t need to rush him back.

    Agree about McCoy too. I saw that he is catching a fair amount of the heat in Cleveland, but he shouldn’t be. You can book it now that the Browns’ top pick will be a WR. Little could be good if he didn’t have worse hands than me.

    We are learning the value of line depth. Sims going down with Dunlap already out and Johnson limited hurts, but could you imagine if it were Bryan Robinson or Sam Adams trotting out there to replace them? Ugh!

  2. Eric says:

    Cannot agree more about Hawkins. He is our Wes Welker. His dynamic abilities on screens and in space should be exploited more, and he should get more opportunities from the slot. No linebacker can cover him. No chance.

    I’ve also been sounding the same trumpet about Andre Smith. Collins must stink in practice because I can’t explain why he isn’t getting more opportunities to dress. He’s been solid whenever he has played. Perhaps more importantly than Smith’s play, though, is the play of Nate Livings. I find him to be, by far, our weakest OL starter. On more than one occassion yesterday he was the one who got blown up to ruin a run play to the left side. I don’t know why he gets such backing from Alexander. He has some cool new Tatts (as does Skuta) but his blocking is mediocre.