Browns Week Photo Caption Contest Part II

What am I thinking right now?
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  1. houston crawford says:

    “Wheres meatwad and master shake when i need them”

  2. Jayson Layne says:

    The Charlie “Frye”s” dayz!!!

  3. Brett S. says:

    Shoulda had a V8.

  4. Bill says:

    Browns fans: always a few fries short of a happy meal.

  5. Harry says:

    “I know we’re losing, but these pink lacy underwear feel so good!”. “I’m in heaven!”

  6. Joel says:

    I miss Peyton Hillis’ scent. I miss his musk.

  7. Dylan Gaffnet says:

    I wish Colt would take HIS talents to South Beach.

  8. Tim Swan says:

    Today’s Factory of Sadness special: Fries with a side of despair.

  9. haven’t browns fans suffered enough?

  10. Reid39 says:

    I miss Tim Couch

  11. Reid39 says:

    SHIT! I skipped outta work as the McDonalds French Fry Guy to watch Colt McCoy lay on his backside the entire game?

  12. I wish our Texas quarterback was as good as Andy Dalton. They got the real McCoy behind center, we just have Colt.

  13. Reid39 says:

    Losing again? Man I wish Jerry Sandusky was here to make this game more enjoyable for me! He always put a smile on my face.

  14. Reid39 says:

    Damn I shouldn’t of had that 3rd bowl of chili, I have to shit so bad. Time to pull an Art Modell and move some Browns.

  15. Clintsmanfamily says:

    Suck for Luck? We just plain suck.

  16. @Dayton_Whodey says:

    Oh, he’s salty.

  17. Nate says:

    Bernie Kosar didn’t have time to change clothes between his new job and the game.

  18. Jim says:

    Ok, lemme make sure I’m ready for the game:
    Browns helmet – CHECK
    Browns gloves – CHECK
    Browns sweatshirt – CHECK
    Goofy costume-homage to former QB Charlie Frye that I wear to EVERY game since ’05 (even though he hasn’t played here since ’07) and will continue to wear until we win a Superbowl – CHECK

  19. Twitch says:

    “I already know the Browns are going to lose to the Bengals, but at least this outfit is bound to catch the attention of that ‘HOT’ Steelers fan from the ‘Whodeyfan’ caption contest.”

  20. John says:

    I wish we could upsize our offense

  21. CK says:

    “God, I really do look like a douche…”

  22. Dave in Denver says:

    Why o Why was I not born in Cincinnati?? I even like Michigan, can I be anymore pathetic??

  23. Ken T from UK says:

    Damn predictive texting! Shoulda realized my buddy meant “bring your thigh pads”

  24. Ken T from UK says:

    Man what a week! Browns suck again! I get this terrible fungal ear infection! and then some joker super glues my gloves to my face!

  25. Dulcie in UK says:

    I really hope my wife gets me that Remmington ear hair trimmer for Christmas – so I can REALLY hear the Browns fans boo-ing.

  26. Patrick says:

    We sure got fried for passing on that stud Andy Dalton *Sigh*

  27. cybeedriven says:

    I shoulda just wore a brown paper bag over my head – it woulda been cheaper.

  28. cyberdriven says:

    yeah, messed up my name on that last post

  29. Michelle Gee says:

    These fries are making my stomach hurt… I need to drop the browns(obviously not the Cleveland Browns) off at the superbowl (toilet).

  30. Michelle Gee says:

    In response to my last comment, that’s the only Superbowl the Cleveland Browns would ever be dropped off at too.

  31. Adam DeLong says:

    Cleveland Browns Golves & Hat… $9.99
    Child’s Halloween costume ………..$21.00
    Getting that sweet man boo Payton Hillis
    to notice me in crowd and ask me out to
    McDonalds after game………………..Priceless!

  32. Adam DeLong says:

    I should’ve dressed up as Discount Double Check guy instead.