Playing the Percentages: Bengals/Steelers

Big Ben and Big Red have a showdown Sunday. Who ya got?
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Comments (8)
  1. Bill says:

    I give the Bengals a 50% chance. 1) They always play the Steelers better in their house. 2) They will have A.J. Green for an entire game. 3) Hopefully they will have Carlos Dunlap on the field this time. Oh, and Polamalu is probably seeing triple with his concussion-“like” symptoms.

  2. Ryan says:

    75% because the bengals are winners and Winning means more to them, as long as they start and finish strong they will walk away with a hard fought win

  3. Number 1 Fan says:

    I am going with 90%. I think the Bengals take this one. Yes I am a homer, but I think having Green on the field changes the Offense for the Bengals as well as the defense for the Steelers.

  4. Seubs says:

    If you’re Jay Gruden, don’t you pound the rock with Cedric? Make Polamalu come up and make tackles, that guy is wreckless. No way he stays on the field…I’ll say 75%

  5. Bill says:

    Totally off topic: BR looks like he is trying to feel up Andy in that pic. The guy never stops!

  6. cyberdriven says:

    100% chance, Here’s why:

    They played them once & know what to expect.

    They want to go to the playoffs.

    They know that divisionally they have to win out.

    Good teams don’t let other good teams beat them twice in the same season.

    How do you shut a team up? Beat them in thier home stadium.

    We need to turn our ‘ifs’ to ‘wins’.

  7. Speedy says:

    I’d give it 35% if Dunlap is out, 40% if Dunlap is in but not fully fit, and 45-50% if Dunlap is in and fully fit.

  8. Bigcatdaddy says:

    I think they have a 50% chance of winning. This game could go either way. It depends on who gets that one big break. Last game they ran reverses and end arounds because they know the Bengals D ends are aggressive. They need to play better and set the edge this game. If.they can get a good rush out of the middle of the line and flush ben out to the ends it will help. In the Ravens game ESPN showed where the D flushed ben out of the pocket to his left not letting him go to his right. He is very inaccurate throwing across his body. The Bengals need to utilize this strategy on Sunday. I do worry about our secondary, its the weak link in the D chain. If you read this Gruden please pound Benson and throw to Gresham and it will lead to a Bengals win. Who Dey Baby!