Poise or Ignition?

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  1. Jon says:

    Co-Rookies of the Year. It was done in 1980 on defense. Andy and AJ have been far and away better than Cammy Cam, but both owe it to each other.

  2. Eric says:

    Excellent anaylsis. Unfortunately most voters won’t look that deeply into it. They’ll simply assume Cam is the guy based on his admittedly impressive explosion on the scene.

    To me though, look at the records the players have assembled. Besides your point that Cam has faced generally subpar defenses, his team has won but 3 games to date. Andy & A.J. have SEVEN so far.

    It’s gotta be Dalton. With “much love” to A.J., his success is predicated on Dalton’s, and Andy was a SECOND ROUND PICK. Cam and A.J. were both top-5, so they should be doing so well.

    Dalton is a franchise QB who has started since day 1 for a potential playoff team in the NFL’s toughest divison. And he was picked in the SECOND round. Can you say steal??