June 23, 2017

Carlos Dunlap is the most productive Pass rusher in the NFL

We know the Bengals are very much improved on the defensive line. The amount of bodies the Bengals have been able to rotate through and continue to get presssure on the Qb is great. We also know the Bengals desparately miss the talents of Carlos Dunlap when he has been healing his hamstring. Now we have proof about why the Bengals need Dunlap on the field. According to ProFootballFocus, Dunlap is currently the most productive pass rusher in the NFL. Read the whole article, but check out this piece pulled from the story:

If you had to guess the most productive pass rusher in the NFL who would be the first guy you think of? Some of you may go for Dwight Freeney (17th), others may look at those with the big sack numbers like DeMarcus Ware (11th) or Jared Allen (43rd). You’d all be wrong because actually the most productive pass rusher in the NFL, is Carlos Dunlap. On 202 pass rushing attempts he’s picked up just three sacks, but a staggering 11 hits and 24 hurries.

The article continues and ranks Geno Atkins as the 4th best interior lineman. There is no love for Peko though a little further down. However, there is continued praise for Dunlap throughout the entire piece.

I hope Dunlap can get back on the field very soon. It is obvious he is a force when he is in there.