June 28, 2017

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The 4th quarter could be huge

The 4th quarter could be big this Sunday. As Bengals fans, we all know how big Andy Dalton and the Bengals offense has been in the 4th quarter. Of the Bengals 6 wins, 4 were on come from behind scores in the 4th quarter. This season the Bengals are outscoring their opponents 87-43 in the […]

Preview: Steelers @ Bengals

It’s Steeler week!! Let’s hear your best WHODEY, people!! Now the real test begins, as the Bengals play Pittsburgh and Baltimore 3 times in the next 4 games. Will they establish themselves as a legitimate team in 2011, or will they prove the They-Haven’t-Played-Anybody-Good-Yet scoffers right? (If you are one of the people spouting that […]

WDW Episode 50 – Steelers Week

It’s the biggest week of the year so far for the AFC leading Bengals and Timm, Mickey and Seubs break down this week’s big matchup!

The Steelers fan

Here is what Bengals fans can expect to encounter this weekend when the black and gold come to town. Beware the mouth breathing mongoloid.     What sad and miserable people they are.  Whats the bet that none of them live in or near Pittsburgh?    

Who Dey Game Plan: Bengals/Steelers

Matchup Problem:  Ben Roethlisberger Roethlisberger has had some big games against the Bengals and Cincinnati sometimes has trouble containing the scrambling quarterback. Big Ben has become the focal point of the Steelers offense and the days of a “ground and pound” running game are no longer representative of Steeler football. The Bengals will have to […]

Week Nine Fantasy Roundup

Siegfried and Rey kept rolling in week nine of fantasy football, posting a 82-63 win over Jovi’s Jungle and stretching their lead to 2 games over a pack of teams tied at 6-3. 

A sad state of affairs for Penn State

Yes, I know this is a Bengals blog, and I know there is really no connection to Penn State athletics. That being said this is a forum where we have gained a certain following and somewhat of a voice. I started this site to vent my frustrations about the Bengals and sometimes other things. This […]

When the Bengals beat the Steelers

Watching Joe Flacco drive down the field in the final two minutes against the Steelers reminded me of 2009 when the Bengals also had success against the Steelers on their final drive.   Watch the video and enjoy:

Are You Satisfied With The Running Game?

I’m not. I am not saying that the running game is bad, but it isn’t all that good either. It is mediocre and in need of an upgrade in the offseason. What would you do to bolster the ground assault?

Why we hate the Steelers

Here is a reminder of the 10 reasons to hate Pittsburgh this weekend: 1. Bandwagon fans – The Steelers don’t travel well. The thing is, they have “fans” all across the country. Most of these people have never even been to Pittsburgh but claim to be a Steeler fan for life. There are several reasons there […]