July 27, 2017

Josh Cribbs “Fed Up” With Losing In Cleveland

Timing is everything in life, and I nearly spit my drink out my nose when I saw that headline on ProFootballTalk.com this morning.

The story outlines how the Browns have had double-digit losses in every season but one of Cribbs’ career in Cleveland. I have to ask: You really didn’t see that coming when you signed your 3-year deal before the 2010 season, Josh? Bad news, bud. With the Bengals finally building something good and loaded with draft picks for the next couple of years, I can guarantee you that the AFC North alone will put the Browns at least half way to 10 losses every year for the foreseeable future.

I’m not totally heartless here. If anyone understands the frustration of losing, it’s a Bengals fan. I don’t blame him for feeling the way he does. I don’t blame anyone for getting sick of Cleveland. It’s a natural gag reflex.

Here’s my offer. After the Browns stumble their way to yet another 5-11 season in 2012, run from that hole. Come down I-71 and sign with a team that will is going somewhere, the Bengals. Brandon Tate’s contract will be up then, and you would make a perfect replacement.

Part of a quote from Cribbs in the PFT post caught my eye as well.

You got a lot of fans that their whole joy in life is watching the Browns play, hoping that they win, bringing their kids to the game. . . . When we don’t win, you know, the city feels down.

Whole joy in life? Then again, it is Cleveland. A crappy football team probably is at the apex of the anthill there.