Playoff Update: Tight Gets Even Tighter

Jim Mora Playoffs.preview
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  1. Eric says:

    At this point, I think that we want Denver to win as much as possible. Denver taking the AFC west means they won’t take a wildcard from the Bengals. I think Oakland will fade with the schedule they have left. Tennessee and the Jets both have tough ones left, and I think they lose at least one each.

    For the Bengals, they MUST beat Houston, then avoid any let down against both St. Louis and Arizona, but I do think 10-6 will get it done.

    Bottom line though is they can’t play like they did today again this year. It was their first real stinker, and it needs to be their last.

  2. Bill says:

    I still have a hard time buying into the Jets right now, and I still think they end up 9-7. Give them a W over KC at home and at the Eagles. (Can we pick Philly to beat anybody?) Their game with the Giants will be huge. Both will need a win to stay in the playoff picture, but I have to lean toward Manning over Sanchez. Coupling how bad the Jets have been on the road with how well the Dolphins are playing right now, I think the Jets go down in Miami.

    I don’t see Oakland beating Green Bay or Detroit either. I was hoping to the the Bengals matched up against the Raiders in the first playoff game, but that looks lost to the almighty Tebow.

    The Bengals owning the tie-breaker over Tennessee is enormous. 10-6 looks like a very real possibility for them.

    Next week’s game with the Texans is now huge for the Bengals. They need to prove both that they can beat a good team and that they can bounce back from a bad loss. Another loss next week thins the bandwagon even more, guarantees no sellouts for the final two home games, and most of all means the Bengals must beat the Ravens on New Years Day to keep their playoff hopes alive.