July 25, 2017

It is good to be pissed off about that loss

There are a lot of reasons to be pissed about the Bengals loss on Sunday.

  •  Be pissed about the way the Bengals played. Stupid penalties, bad tackling, yeah, there is reason to be angry.
  •  Bad calls from the refs. I am not one to complain or blame games on the refs. Yeah, there was some bad calls in a one sided called game, but the Bengals played bad, that is why they lost.
  •  Media coverage. Like I touched on last week, the media will continue to pile on the Bengals. Some teams get a pass when they play a horrible game, the Bengals don’t.
  •  The Bandwagon, there will be more seats available on the Bengals bandwagon this week. People will be jumping off just as quick as they jumped on.

Now that you are all pissed, take a step back. Remember in the preseason when no one picked the Bengals to do anything this season? What if I said they would be in the playoff hunt at this point, with a 7 and 5 record and a good chance at going 10 and 6 or even 11 and 5.

You would not have been pissed off then. It shows that we expect more from this team. We are excited with the way they play and have faith that they can still show us things.

That is awesome.

Now, on to what pisses me off.

The Bengals are a come from behind team. However, there are still Bengals fans all over twitter that love to call the game before it is even over. You will see a team score on the Bengals and idiots start tweeting “Ball Game” or something like that. I have never understood this. Why send that? Do you want to be the first one to call it? I just don’t get it.

It makes me mad when the average fan does it. It makes me really mad when the media does it. Here is Lance Mcallister, you know, the annoying voice of Cincinnati sports on the radio, (By default, like a mayor running uncontested in an election, Lance has the only show in town) calling the game in the first half. FIRST HALF.

I think I said all I need to say in my response to him:

The Bengals are now in a must win mode. I think winning the next 3 (Houston, St Louis and Arizona) still gets the Bengals into the playoffs regardless of what they do against the Ravens. So lets gear up to beat Houston and their struggling offense next week in the jungle.



  1. maybe we need to switch the sportswriters over to hourly rates then they would be more inclined to stay on for the whole game.

  2. Lance is a complete douchebag. By default is correct. Mo Egger is better.

  3. You cannot, I REPEAT, cannot let opportunities slip through your fingers like Sunday. This team is not that good, especially when the Steelers are gettin calls, and your injuries are pilling up.