Disaster: Texans 20, Bengals 19

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  1. DRAKE says:

    Well, you just can’t fix stupid!
    With Atkins recovering the Foster fumble then fumbling it himself with all his team mates try for a chance at glory to pick up the ball and run it in for 6 none of these morons remembered the old adage of FALL ON THE FUCKIN BALL!!!!!!!!
    They had 3 points there that would have given them a 12 pt lead. The Texans would then need to score twice rather than once as they did.
    And our vaunted defence let Yates scamper for long conversions. Classic Bengal letdown. Different stink, same shit!
    Kiss playoffs good-bye.

  2. Lee says:

    I agree with first comment….classic, let yates scamper for 1st down on I think a 3rd and fifteen when they could have easily sacked him….fuckin we-tod-did.