Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Bengals/Texans

Kevin Walter
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  1. Bill says:

    It is sad to see the Bengals’ playoff hopes beginning to swirl down the PBS crapper. But at some point they have to step up and earn it. They can’t get to the post-season losing to all of the good teams. And how confident would we feel if they somehow managed to sneak into the post-season going 1-5 against playoff-caliber teams anyway?

    That said, it’s not a given that the Texans will lay down against the Titans. It is very likely that they will need a win that week to secure a first-round bye. Then again, so might the Ravens.

  2. Eric says:

    The Bengals screwed the pooch over the last two weeks. They went 0-2 in big games they needed. One was an ugly blow out loss, and the other was thanks to critical breakdowns at critical times in a game they lead throughout. The bottom line is they had two chances to prove they belonged and they whiffed both times. Ergo, they have proven that they don’t, in fact, belong.

    I will be pulling for them to win out, but even if they do I doubt they get in at this point, and frankly while I expect a win next Sunday in St. Louis, I wouldn’t count Arizona as an automatic “W” with the way they are playing right now. They’ve shown me that they aren’t playoff-ready right now. It’s sad to type, but its true.

    PS-Andrew Hawkins does amazing things every time he touches the football. He turns 3rd and forevers into first downs. He is quick like a mongoose out there, and too small for defenders to get a hand on. Gruden has some nice little plays for him, but I have to wonder what he could do if given more of a role in the offense. Why do we continue to tolerate that inconsistency of Simpson and Caldwell when Hawkins is money 100% of the time?? It’s beyond me.

  3. Ryan says:

    They need to let Andrew Hawkins try punt returns, tate is a bust, and Hawkins is scary similar to desean Jackson