June 27, 2017

Video: Lawrence Vickers claims Adam Jones spit in his face

Remember the play when Rey Maualuga stuck Ben Tate at the almost goaline and forced the fumble? Shortly after when the officials took way too long to unravel the pile and call the Bengals recovery most Bengals fans got a good view of Lawrence Vickers throwing a punch at the face of Adam Jones.

No flag was thrown although the punch seemed to come out of no where. Vickers now claims that Pacman  spit in his face first. Watch the video below, tell me if you see Adam Jones spit in his face. Of course I don’t know what actually happened on the field, but I am going to call bullshit on this one.  The NFL is very good at tossing out fines for the actions that Vickers displayed so what better way to try and cover your ass then to claim the guy spit on you.  Then go on to some BS about praying for him.

Pacman Jones is an easy target, so why not pile on.  I think the truth is that Vickers lost his cool because Jones pulled him out of the pile.  Just another ugly moment in an ugly game.