As Playoff Hopes Dim, The Sun Is Rising On The Future

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  1. The Eternal Who-Dey Optimist says:

    While I agree with your take on Who Dey’s bright future, I disagree regarding the timing of this post. As Wilson Phillips said, Hold On!!

    Yes the playoff hopes took a huge hit. I mean a thunderous huge hit. I’m talkin’ a Big Daddy Wilkinson to his pregnant girlfirend size hit. But all is not lost, not yet anyway.

    There will be plenty of time in January and beyond to speculate on the draft, free agency, etc. Right now though I would encourage my fellow members of the Who Dey Nation to keep the faith. Let’s see what the probabilities and percentages are on Monday. Who Dey will beat the Rams. If the Jets lose at Philly, and Joakland loses vs. Detroit (both real possibilities, Jets and Joakland are picked to lose), then all of a sudden Who Dey is just 1 Jets loss away from controlling their own destiny again.

    And while I agree that Who Dey is likely a 1-and-out in the Wild Card round if they go to the playoffs, I disagree that it doesn’t mean anything. I think just qualifying the Bengals as a “playoff team” going into the offseason will help in free agency, etc.

    So again, not to belittle your post but I think there will be plenty of time in January and beyond to speculate on these issues.

    Signing off,

    With Liberty and WhoDeyness for all.