August 16, 2017

Where Are You With The 2011 Bengals?

This year’s Bengals have had us all over the map. They were predicted to be as bad as the Colts have turned out to be without Manning. By mid-season they controlled a playoff spot. Now they are on the outside looking in, but things could still break their way with a little help.

You are an important part of the WhoDey fan base, and I want to know just how you feel about the Bengals right now. Here are a few questions to help gauge your feelings. Pick one (or more) and sound off!

    • If the Bengals miss the playoffs, will you still consider this season a success, since the Bengals were supposed to be awful? Or will you look back on it as a letdown?
    • If the Bengals make the playoffs as the #6 seed, what do you think the odds are that they could beat the #3 seed (currently the Patriots) on their field? 80%? 50%? 0%?
    • Are you more likely to buy a ticket to a game in 2012?
    • How close do you think they are to being able to beat the big boys of the AFC in 2012?


  1. If I take a step back, this team has far exceeded my expectations. Dalton is a franchise QB, Green is a gamebreaker, and Dunlap is no fluke. Yes, the team has faded down the stretch but they also were without their two best defenders during that stretch. Overall, this year should give you more optimism, not less

  2. Darrell Williams says:

    Fthis year has far exceeded my expectations I was on the 4 & 12 train for the season.

    If we make the playoffs I would say we are 50/50 for winning. Our last few loses have been stupid mental errors even the steerer blow out was from bengals mistakes then Pittsburgh Power

    I won’t buy a ticket till I get. A better paying job or the tickets get cheaper. I can turn on the radio and watch ants run around my driveway for free. Dont get ,me wrong I would love to see a game live one day but cheap seats aint cheap

    And it’s hard for 2012 to know where we are because we have a lot of 1 yer contrActs on key player but with the tem as is if got a couple key plays like an o linemen and maybe a corner we’d be there