Realistic Playoff Scenario – Bengals Get In With Help

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  1. Lee says:

    Lets hope.

  2. WHO DEstiny!!! (formerly known as the Eternal Who Dey Optimist) says:

    Although the win today was as ugly as it gets, the rest of the league was very good to the Who-Dey cause: The Jets, Raiders, and Titans all lost.

    So at this point, I am still assuming Tebow wins the West. The losses by both Tebow and the Raiders maintained Tebow’s one-game lead.

    So to get in the playoffs, the math is now much simpler:

    1. Who-Dey wins out
    2. Jets lose either remaining game (vs. NYG, @ MIA)

    Now there are scenarios that could get Who Dey in at 9-7, we would need the Jets to lose out, and we would need the Raiders to lose one more. If the Raiders win out and Tebow loses out, the Raiders would take the division but at 9-7 we would lose the tiebreaker to Tebow. Thus no matter who wins the west, we don’t get in at 9-7 unless Oakland loses another game. We still hold a tiebreaker against the Titans at 9-7, so basically the Titans are no longer any threat to Who Dey at any level.