July 26, 2017

The PBS Ghost Town

A team that is playing to grab a playoff berth — especially one that was universally expected to be the worst in the game this year — ought to be generating a ton of interest, right? And the Bengals are. TV ratings, radio ratings, and internet traffic for the team are all at high levels.

Ticket sales, however, are in the crapper.

As the Bengals play their 7th home game, looking to extend their season beyond Jan. 1, expectations are that PBS will be about half full on Saturday. “The Jungle” will be more like “the lonesome prairie.”

Plenty of people have speculated on the macro level why this is happening. I’m not interested in that. It is useless because different people choose to not go for different reasons. I want to hear your reason(s) for not going down to PBS… and what it would take to get you down there again.

  • “It’s the holidays. Since I’d like to get some in 2012, I’ll be at the in-laws, hangin’ with Cousin Eddie.”
  • “I’d deal with a nosebleed or two, but what they want for those sections is **** stupid.”
  • “I refuse to give any money to Mike Brown. I’m not going to a game until he’s dead.”
  • “I want to go, but the wife gets mad when they shut off the electricity.”
  • “The live experience just isn’t worth the price.”
  • “The beer is too expensive and the concessions suck.”
  • “I prefer the convenience of watching at home… legally or otherwise.”
  • “I’m not paying money to watch them break my heart. Again.”
  • “I’d rather not spend four hours around drunks being idiots and spilling beer on my clothes.”
  • “Call me when/if they actually win a playoff game.”

I’m sure I missed some of you, so add to the list. Bonus points for sarcasm.


  1. I live in Chicago and it isn’t worth the price of the trip and tickets to see them “rebuilding” once again.

    • A Bengals fan in Chicago! You, my friend, are a man among men. I grew up in Ft Wayne, 3 hours from Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati (and pre-Indy), and the Bears fans were tough enough there. I can only imagine the hassle you take being in the belly of the beast!

  2. WHO DEstiny!!! (formerly known as the Eternal Who Dey Optimist) says:

    I live eat sleep and breathe black and orange.
    I live in Columbus.

    i have been to 1 game this year (Colts) and would go to every game if I could…alas a wife and kids and job/family responsibilities have gotten in the way.

    Xmas eve…just can’t do a road trip although I will be watching on TV.

    IF WhoDey wins on 12/24…and if the Jets should lose – meaning the Bengals are in with a win against the Ravens…….

    Well then I don’t care what I have to do, come hell or high water I will BE THERE on JAN 1.

    WHO DEY!!!

  3. I love the bengals and have been watching them for ever, I just have a problem paying $65 for a ticket at least $15 for parking and at least $5 a beer to go to a game. I can afford a cheaper seat at home, cheaper beer and my car parks for free in the drive way.

    Would I love to go to a game? of course. I love the team and they are playing with some pride. but that trip isn’t cheap. And i don’t care about Mike Brown getting my money because with profit sharing he gets paid either way.