The PBS Ghost Town

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  1. JR says:

    I live in Chicago and it isn’t worth the price of the trip and tickets to see them “rebuilding” once again.

    1. Bill says:

      A Bengals fan in Chicago! You, my friend, are a man among men. I grew up in Ft Wayne, 3 hours from Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati (and pre-Indy), and the Bears fans were tough enough there. I can only imagine the hassle you take being in the belly of the beast!

  2. WHO DEstiny!!! (formerly known as the Eternal Who Dey Optimist) says:

    I live eat sleep and breathe black and orange.
    I live in Columbus.

    i have been to 1 game this year (Colts) and would go to every game if I could…alas a wife and kids and job/family responsibilities have gotten in the way.

    Xmas eve…just can’t do a road trip although I will be watching on TV.

    IF WhoDey wins on 12/24…and if the Jets should lose – meaning the Bengals are in with a win against the Ravens…….

    Well then I don’t care what I have to do, come hell or high water I will BE THERE on JAN 1.

    WHO DEY!!!

  3. I love the bengals and have been watching them for ever, I just have a problem paying $65 for a ticket at least $15 for parking and at least $5 a beer to go to a game. I can afford a cheaper seat at home, cheaper beer and my car parks for free in the drive way.

    Would I love to go to a game? of course. I love the team and they are playing with some pride. but that trip isn’t cheap. And i don’t care about Mike Brown getting my money because with profit sharing he gets paid either way.