August 16, 2017

Reggie Wayne In Stripes?

The Indianapolis Colts could look very different next year.

Every sports TV/radio talking suit in America has been speculating for the past two months that if the Colts land the first pick in next year’s draft, they will take Andrew Luck and trade/release Peyton Manning. (Something I never, ever thought we would see.) And the speculation is having even deeper repercussions. is reporting that Reggie Wayne may not return to Indianapolis next year.

I pointed out a couple of days ago that A.J. Green routinely has more yards/game than the rest of the WR corps combined. Jerome Simpson has had a few very good games, but in most games he has little impact, if any at all. Andre Caldwell has largely been non-factor as well. The Bengals must address this problem in the offseason. They could put Hawkins or Shipley across from Green. Ir they could draft a guy (although I can think of 4-5 spots that are more important to draft than a receiver). But any of those carry a big risk. They are unproven as a second receiver, and they could bust like Simpson and Caldwell.

Enter Reggie Wayne.

Wayne is a prolific receiver with 72 TD catches and over 11,500 yds. He is currently #22 on the all-time receiving leaders list, and with a good year next year he could vault to around #12-#14 on that list. Better yet, he has never missed a game due to injury. He would be an ideal mentor for Green, Hawkins and Shipley. And paired with A.J. Green, the Bengals would have two legitimate 1,200-1,300 yd receivers. Imagine the Steelers and Ravens have to plan to defend that type of threat!

But Wayne is not without risk, either. He is not exactly young. He will be 34 next year, entering his 12th season. And if he leaves, he will draw interest, so he won’t come cheap. I could see him getting a 3-yr/$20M deal pretty easily, maybe more if he can induce a bidding war.

There you have it, WhoDeyFans. Discuss.


  1. Reggie Wayne in stripes? i guess while we’re throwing out wild speculation, what about Peyton Manning in stripes?

  2. How about Colston, Bowe, and Piere Garcon? Younger alternatives