July 25, 2017

Cards-Bengals Inactive Lists

Big game Saturday in the ‘Nati!  With their playoff hopes on the line, the Bengals face the red-hot Redbirds in just over 30 minutes.  Here are the inactive lists for both clubs:

Cardinals: QB Kevin Kolb, WR Stephen Williams, S Sean Considine, LB Brandon Williams, T Brandon Keith, WR Jaymar Johnson, WR DeMarco Sampson

Bengals:  S Robert Sands, RB Brian Leonard, LB Dontay Moch, OG Otis Hudson, TE Colin Cochart, WR Andre Caldwell, DT Nick Hayden

For the Cards, Kevin Kolb is down, confirming that John Skelton will start.  Kolb suffered a concussion last week and his future with Arizona is already in doubt after just one season there.

For the Bengals, WR Andre Caldwell was an expected scratch, along with LB Dontay Moch, Guard Otis Hudson, DT Hayden and S Sands.  However, despite practicing earlier this week, RB Brian Leonard is down, as is TE Colin Cochart in a bit of a surprise.  The Bengals will go with two tight ends in Jermaine Gresham and Donald Lee, and someone else will need to fill Leonard’s role as 3rd down back and special teams contributor.  Andre Smith and Anthony Collins are both active on the offensive line for Cincinnati.

Go Bengals!