AFC North

Playoffs Start Now

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  1. Dylan Gaffney says:

    I assume you are going to the game Sunday, Eric? I came home for the Holidays and took my dad to his first game in PBS Sunday. We were about 20 rows up in the south end zone and got to see the greatest TD in NFL history. If i didn’t have to work this week, I’d have stayed for the game against the Ravens. I know it’s expensive, and I know it’s 4 hours away, but dude, you’ve GOT to go to this game!

  2. Nate says:

    The players have been ringing the bell for fan support this week. I hope they get it. The team could use some serious home crowd noise this weekend.

  3. Seubs says:

    I think this is week 3 of the playoffs. That’s how I would be treating it if I were Marvin. The playoffs started for this team the minute Kevin Walter caught that touchdown pass against us in week 14. Can’t wait to watch on Sunday!!! WHODEY!!!!