Bengals, do one thing for me.

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  1. Steev says:

    I think you just might be setting yourself up for bitter disappointment. This team simply does not have the ability to beat playoff caliber teams…because… well, the bengals aren’t a playoff caliber team. Time and time again when this team faces a must win situation against a good team, they fail to compete.

    Sorry to sound like one of those guys over at WDR, but I ain’t puttin my money on these Bengals. I appreciate your optimism. Mine went away back in 1990.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:

      You lost optimism right after a Super Bowl appearance?

      Doesn’t take much for you to jump off the wagon right?

  2. Number 1 Fan says:


    No need to apologize for an opinion, I will just continue to look at this half full glass on my desk.

    As they say, this is why they play the games. You know the 1990 season and every other in between has no bearing on the game on Sunday. Right now the Bengals are in a 1 game season, win and you continue to play. A bunch of teams probably wish they had that opportunity.

  3. cyberdriven says:


    If you have it in your heart to win, you can win.

    Not Dead,Can’t Quit.

  4. Steev says:

    You raise a good point – that the past has no bearing on the future. I still believe that this Bengals team isn’t quite ready to beat a playoff caliber teams, but hey, they may surprise me this weekend.

    The comment I made about my optimism leaving back in 1990 was an overstatement. The Bengals certainly didn’t disappoint when they ran the table against the division a couple of years back. I don’t mean to be one of thos jackwagons that carpet bomb sites like these with negativity. I do think it’s important to be realistic about the teams chances. The reality of the situation is that this team hasn’t given me any evidence this year that they can win a game like the one coming up this Sunday.

    At any rate, I will be pulling for them. Win or lose, I’m still a fan.

    1. Number 1 Fan says:


      Make sure to come back here and celebrate with us when the Bengals do win.


  5. John says:

    My Dad just got out of the hospital, 10 years since his heart attack and surgery, my Mom made him turn to the Chiefs v. Packers Sunday. We get emotional, we love our Bengals, and yes we get NEGATIVE, Dec. 25 – 1989 beat Vikes and your in – Lost, Dec. 14th 1986 beat Cleveland (who we beat by 17 in Cleveland earlier) got ROMPED first play outta the gate and I yell at the TV my Mom (I am 16) makes me turn it off, Nov 19th beating Pitt by maybe 18, they score about 36 straight so the 115 Steeler fans can tell me how “we thought we lost that one”. Who Dey!