My Pick: Lewis is Due

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  1. Dylan Gaffney says:

    I’ve gotta say, i don’t understand people referencing that Marvin is the “Winning-est coach in Bengals history”. I mean, yes, that’s correct, but that’s a misleading statistic. He’s also the losing-est, and he’s 5th in winning percentage. He’s not the greatest coach this team has ever had; he’s the best puppet-coach Mike Brown could wish for. There’s a reason he’s a sub .500 coach after 8 seasons and hasn’t been fired, and it’s not because he was just working out kinks during those 66 loses.

    My qualms with Marvin extend further than the record. I can’t stand to watch every post-game interview after we lose and hear “we’ve just got some small mistakes we need to correct.” Small mistakes like offsides penalties on 1st and goal or 4th and 1, 12 men in the huddle on first down or delay of game following a big gain. Those types of penalties are caused by ill-prepared, undisciplined players and guess what, that comes from coaching. Those penalties have occurred consistently over the last 8 years and, in many instances, have cost us dearly (see the offsides during the Houston game on 4th down, for one).

    Listen, Marvin Lewis is far from the worst coach we’ve ever had or could have, but canonizing him into Bengals Sainthood is a little much, in my opinion. When his players start playing disciplined, smart football, this team is not going to have to worry about making the playoffs. They’ve got the talent to be great, I just hope St. Marvin can keep pace.

  2. Bill says:

    Marvin may not be perfect, but he deserves a little more credit than that. He has managed to do the things he has done while working around (and in spite of) Mike Brown, all while gradually negotiating control away from him. That alone puts him in a special category. Don’t forget, Mike Brown wanted to draft Ryan Mallett, not Andy Dalton. We see who won that argument.

    And those coaches with better winning percentages worked for Paul Brown, not Mike. I’m not saying that Marvin would be better than them under Paul Brown (I’d still take Sam Wyche back in a second), but who knows what he might have been with 9 years of competent ownership.