June 28, 2017

Why the Bengals will beat the Ravens

These are not the Bengals of old.  As Nate said, we will be doing several posts on our predictions for the upcoming game against the Ravens. Here is mine.

Stop thinking about all the times in recent history when the Bengals have been just short of getting the job done. This is not the same team. Think back a season to where the leader of this offense was at this point. He was taking the TCU program to face a very good Wisconsin team in the Rose Bowl. That was huge for the TCU program facing a team that no one thought they could beat.

TCU quarterback Any Dalton was voted the MVP on offense. His leadership was the difference as he finished his career at TCU.
“It’s a great way to end my senior season,” Dalton said. “It’s not like I did it by myself. We’ve got a lot of guys who played an important role in this game but I happened to end up as the offensive player of the game.

The young players on this team are used to winning and have done it in big games. The Bengals will be playing with a sellout friendly crowd that is going to amp these guys up. They know they have to win.

The Bengals are going to win 27-23. Benson is going to hold onto the ball and AJ Green is going to show the Ravens what they missed the first time around. Dunlap will cause havoc on Flacco and force him into bad decisions.

And once again, Dalton will be the player of the game. WhoDey.