August 17, 2017

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Stuff To Fix

The Bengals had a bit of good fortune last weekend, as they not only got the “W” in St. Louis, but came home to find that the Jets, Titans, and Raiders all lost.  The scenario was exactly what was needed to help the Bengals playoff hopes.  And for the cherry on top, the Niners beat […]

This Season’s Unsung Hero

In a season in which points have been rather hard to come by, one player has done more than his fair share. In fact, the same player has done better than every other player at his position in the entire league. And that player is Mike Nugent. Nugent has converted 27 of 29 field goals […]

Preview: Cardinals @ Bengals

A month ago, playing the Cardinals on Christmas Eve looked like a mulligan for the Bengals. But a funny thing happened on the way to the postseason hunt: the Cardinals got kinda good. Not great, but better than the struggling team we left for dead and forgot about at mid-season. Their returning to a .500 […]

Weekend Of Upsets

We all love a good upset (unless it comes against the Bengals). And this weekend had plenty of them to enjoy. The playoff landscape made some big shifts in a span of 12 hours on Sunday, opening the window of possibility for the Bengals to play at least a 17th game this season.

Bengals Playoff Chances: 34-Percent

After yesterday’s win over the Rams and losses by the other Wild Card contenders, the Bengals’ playoff chances got a huge surge, rising from 13-percent before the game to 34-percent today (according to It’s incredibly exciting considering where Cincinnati was last weekend, but let’s not lose sight of the important details. The Jets still […]

Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Bengals/Rams

1. I’ve been on Brandon Tate at times for carrying the football like it’s hazardous waste and making fair-catch/fielding decisions that would rival Maury Povich Show regulars, but there’s no doubt that his punt return broke open the game yesterday. Tate’s 56-yard return helped lift the Bengals out of a 6-6 tie in the third […]

Who Dey Game Plan: Bengals @ Rams

Matchup Problem:  Steven Jackson, RB This one hurts because Jackson could have spent his entire productive career as a Bengal. Cincinnati had a chance to draft Jackson, but instead traded down and took Chris Perry, who had one successful season before his career ended early due to injury. Try not to think about what Jackson […]

Realistic Playoff Scenario – Bengals Get In With Help

The disaster that was the loss to the Texans last week really took the air out of the Bengals balloon, but it did not end our playoff chances.  While we are eliminated from contention for the division title, a wild card berth is still within reach, though just barely. The Jets, at 8-5, are a […]

Where Are You With The 2011 Bengals?

This year’s Bengals have had us all over the map. They were predicted to be as bad as the Colts have turned out to be without Manning. By mid-season they controlled a playoff spot. Now they are on the outside looking in, but things could still break their way with a little help. You are […]

Preview: Bengals @ Rams

The Bengals embark on their final road game of the season to play the injury-ravaged Rams, who look like they may have to sit QB Sam Bradford this week. If you live around Cincinnati, make sure you are available to watch, because it will probably be the last Bengals game this year that is broadcast […]