July 25, 2017

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WDW Episode 55 – Playoffs?

What a gut punching way to end the game on Sunday the Bengals drop a crucial game. For the first time this season the Bengals find themselves on the outside looking in at the playoffs. This week we welcomed in Cincinnati ESPN 1530 Homer’s Lindsay Patterson to break down the state of Bengaldom. Don’t forget […]

As Playoff Hopes Dim, The Sun Is Rising On The Future

Watching the Bengals slip from controlling the #6 seed for the playoffs to being one of the teams that are “in the hunt” and needing help has been a bitter pill. With one exception, they feasted on the teams in the bottom half of the league that made up the first half of the schedule. […]

Concussions Will Change the NFL

The NFL has to do something about the growing issue of concussions. Legally, they must show due diligence in addressing this problem as the medical community establishes links from concussions to issues later in life. And morally, it is the right thing to do. We don’t want the greats of the league resembling Mohammed Ali […]

Bengals Playoff Chances: 13%

According to PlayoffStatus.com, a site I discovered with a simple Google search and whose methodology is uncertain, the Bengals have a 13% chance of making the playoffs. I have no idea how this number was reached, but it sounds about right. Yes, the Jets could lose two games or the season finale in Miami. Yes, Tennessee […]

Video: Lawrence Vickers claims Adam Jones spit in his face

Remember the play when Rey Maualuga stuck Ben Tate at the almost goaline and forced the fumble? Shortly after when the officials took way too long to unravel the pile and call the Bengals recovery most Bengals fans got a good view of Lawrence Vickers throwing a punch at the face of Adam Jones. No […]

Is This Farewell, Bobbie?

Hidden in the angst of a buzzer-beating, heart-wrenching, season-shortening loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday was the loss of RG Bobbie Williams, who was placed on IR today with an ankle fracture. This move not only ends his season, but I believe that it likely ends his career as a Bengal since his contract […]

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

    An old coach used to tell us that if you play not to lose, then you will probably not win. No statement sum ups this past game as much as this to me. The Bengals worked their way into their most comfortable lead of the season, and through a few key blunders, managed to give […]

Second Take: 5 Thoughts on Bengals/Texans

1. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Bengals built a great record early in the season and have blown it, losing a few games in heartbreaking fashion. As long-suffering Bengals fans, it often feels like we are witnesses in a sad, neverending tragedy in which the actors sometimes change, but the end result […]

Disaster: Texans 20, Bengals 19

T.J. Yates’ 300th and last passing yard on the day came on a touchdown pass to former Bengal Kevin Walter with just 2 seconds remaining, and the Texans escaped Cincinnati with a 20-19 win. The victory won the AFC South for Houston and moved their record to 10-3.  The loss for Cincinnati moves them to 7-6 and out of the […]

Bengals Up 16-3 at Half

In what Marvin Lewis called the most important game in his NFL career, things have gone largely to plan for Cincinnati today as they lead the Houston Texans 16-3 at the half. The Bengal defense has gotten two turnovers that were converted into 10 points, and have used opportunistic passing and an effective running day […]