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Bengals Fall 24-16, Back Into Playoffs

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  1. Traveler says:

    This is an average team with a below average head coach that played the easiest schedule in the NFL and made the playoffs only on a bizarre Sunday in the NFL. Marvin Lewis, since coming to NFL Siberia, has lost every playoff game, must win, or so called big game. They should have lost last week to a very average team with a good head coach, but the football gods let them have one Christmas present. The vaunted defense having played against 2nd and 3rd team QBs most of the year is horrible. The play calling in the first half of every game exactly the same. Uncle Mike cuts ticket prices and the poor starving sports fans of Cincinnati eat up the porridge like it’s caviar. Fool me once shame on you, fool me for 25 years, well you know. How bout them Bearcats? No Virginia there is no Santa Claus nor is this poorly run NFL team on the up swing. Next year this team will have to play a normal schedule and once again they will have their collective a$$e$ handed to them. In 2013 you’ll see AJ Green asking for a trade and the sad story will start over again. How can I type these things you say? I’ve been a Bengals fan since 1970 and history does repeat itself.