June 27, 2017

Early Line: Texans by Three

It'd be nice to see one of these again.

According to SportsInteraction.com, the Houston Texans are listed as three-point favorites heading into Saturday’s game. If you prescribe to the theory that home-field advantage is worth three points itself, then this game is essentially up for grabs.

Cincinnati has a terrible history in its most recent postseason trips, but a trip to Houston, where a rookie is starting at quarterback, isn’t bad for a first-round matchup.

And for those of you who are really gutsy, the Bengals have 76-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. The Packers are the favorites at 2.5 – 1, and are perhaps a slightly smarter bet.



  1. Craig King says:

    Don’t care what the odds are. Bengals fans from Maine need not worry about odds. Been a Bengals fan for almost 30 years now. Can’t wait for Saturday’s game. Great job with the podcast. Just found it a couple of weeks ago. WHO DEY!!!!!!!!!