July 26, 2017

Don Banks thinks the Bengals are playing with house money

And when you have nothing to lose, you can be quite dangerous. Banks says

Got to love that the Bengals, the team that I’m not even sure the city of Cincinnati truly appreciates, made the playoffs in what was supposed to be a take-your-lumps kind of year. A rookie quarterback in Andy Dalton isn’t supposed to take a team to the postseason, especially not when his best target is a rookie receiver (A.J. Green) and his offensive coordinator (Jay Gruden) is in his first year on the job, without the benefit of an offseason to install his program.
But no matter. The Bengals (9-7) hung in all season long, made the big Palmer trade and now get the last laugh. They’re in the playoffs, and their disgruntled former quarterback — who some say quit on his team this year — is in Oakland, with the 8-8 and going nowhere (again) Raiders.
The Bengals lost at home to Baltimore on Sunday, but played fairly well for most of the game. Cincinnati got the breaks it needed with the Jets losing at Miami and Denver losing at home against Kansas City. And now they get one more bit of good fortune in the playoffs: A first-round date at No. 3-seed Houston (10-6), the AFC South champ that lost its last three games in the regular season, and might be starting a banged-up rookie quarterback in T.J. Yates.
Beware of the Bengals. They’re playing with house money at this point anyway, and that alone makes them dangerous.

Lets hope we don’t see the conservative side of this team. They can beat the Texans and should go all out to make that happen. I for one am pumped about the matchup and excited about the opportunity for the Bengals to advance.


  1. Let’s fly to Texas. Who-Dey, Number 1!!!

  2. Dylan Gaffney says:

    Keep in mind that J. Joseph was out of practice today with a sore ankle, as well. Would love to see AJ and Jerome burn him a couple of times this weekend.

  3. The Bengals have been underestimated all year, and they will be again on Saturday. If they play as solid as they did the first time around and get TDs in the red zone, they will beat Houston.

    I’ll go one step further. Not only do the Bengals have a good shot at beating Houston, I say they have good shot at beating New England too. You’ll hear all about how the Bengals couldn’t beat anybody good, but you won’t hear much about how exactly NONE of NE’s 13 wins came against teams with winning records. That’s right, folks, the all-powerful Tom Brady (may his name be praised… gag!) faced exactly TWO teams with winning records all year. So it is not outside the realm of possibility that the Bengals could get a 3rd crack at the Ravens or the Steelers.

  4. Bill,

    The point about NE is exactly what I put in my post “Sked Analysis”. New England only played two teams that ended 2011 with winning records, and they lost to them both (Giants & Steelers). Their other loss was to 6-10 Buffalo. All their wins were against teams that finished 8-8 or worse.

    I think if the Bengals beat Houston, they CAN beat New England, especially with their defense. Can’t you see it now? Andy Dalton and AJ Green joking on the sidelines as the last few ticks melt away in Foxboro… the camera pans to Chad Ochocinco crying on the sidelines….:)

    Then that sets up a 3rd game with Baltimore or Pittsburgh….

  5. I hope you guys are right, but I just can’t see it happening. I don’t think the Patriots are invincible by any means, but they will have two weeks to prepare, are playing at home, and I would say are more disciplined across the board.

    I like the optimism though. Send some more my way.

    • Yeah man what’s up with the glass half empty mindset???? We’re gonna have to inject you with some major optimism!!!!! This team is in the playoffs!!!!! You should be excited!

    • Nate, here is the shot of optimism you are looking for: NE has not won a playoff game since 2008.
      – 2011: Patriots (#1 seed) lose at home to Jets, 28-21
      – 2010: Patriots (#3 seed) lose at home to Baltimore, 33-14
      – 2009: missed playoffs

      More importantly, NE’s defense gave up 411.1 yards/game in the regular season. To mostly cupcake teams. That isn’t going to work against a playoff team, no matter who it is. Brady will have to throw for 600 yds to overcome that defense.

  6. Trust me, I’m plenty fired up, I love this team’s potential. But I’m also a realist. Cincy could win two games, but they’ll have to play better and more disciplined than they have so far. Hopefully, they can make it happen.


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