Mike Brown Named Executive of the Year

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  1. Nate says:

    I agree that Mike did very well with the Carson Palmer situation, but I think he may be getting too much credit with some of the other stuff, especially the draft picks. I think Marvin and the coaching staff have a good deal of input on the draft. One report said that Mike Brown wanted Ryan Mallett instead of Andy Dalton, so it seems a little silly for him to get all the credit on these draft picks when his actual role is unclear.

  2. Bill says:

    I have to agree with Nate on this one. The CP trade is the result of the perfect storm of 1) Jason Campbell’s injury on 2) a team coached by Hue Jackson (CP’s old coach) and 3) that team just happens to be the Raiders 4) in the power vacuum in the days following AL Davis’ death. Any other team, any other head coach, and Carson is still sitting on the Bengals’ Reserved/Did Not Report list today.
    On all of these points, what Mike Brown really did was give in. He gave in to the Palmer deal. He gave in to drafting Dalton. He gave in to Marvin’s list of demands to return as HC. He gave in to fans by firing Bratkowski. And he gave in to fans again by lowering prices. So it is pretty easy to see why he usually ends up at the other end of this list, when his gut instinct is almost universally wrong.
    But I’ll give him this credit: at least he gave in. I always said this team would turn around when he wasn’t calling the shots. Here’s to another year of wiser voices prevailing and Mike Brown giving in to them!

  3. DRBlaise says:

    I definitely agree with Bill. All the good things happened in spite of Mike Brown, not because of him.
    I don’t agree with the article that the BOGO deal “cost the Bengals 250 large”. It did not cost the Bengals anything. Those seats would not have sold without the deal. They made concession money on all those “free” seats. They earned tons of fan support and I am sure it will lead to better season ticket sales for next year. It is silly to say the BOGO deal cost the Bengals.