August 17, 2017

Guard and Protect

The Bengals could use a lineman to guard and protect Andy Dalton.

Some of you might be wondering if I’m making a Bachelor reference with this headline. Yes, I am. Yes. I. Am.

Now, on to more manly endeavors. It is widely believed that the Bengals will select a guard at some point in this year’s draft, perhaps as early as the first round. So it makes sense to look at the top players at the position. And thanks to our good buddy Mel Kiper (who actually doesn’t know us yet, but will soon. We hope.) we now have a top 5 list. Here are the top guards in this year’s draft according to Kiper. For the full article click here.

1. Dave DeCastro (6-5, 310), Stanford

2. Cordy Glenn (6-5, 320), Georgia

3. Brandon Washington (6-4, 320), Miami

4. Kevin Zeitler (6-4, 315), Wisconsin

5. Ryan Miller (6-8, 310) Colorado