June 26, 2017

Coaching Staff Update


Could Rod Woodson replace Kevin Coyle?


With Tampa Bay looking way outside the box and selecting Rutgers coach Greg Schiano to lead the Bucs, it looks like Mike Zimmer will be in Cincinnati for the 2012 season.

All together now:  Whewh!

Sure the Raiders are still without a coach, but the chances that Zimmer gets that one are few, especially since he hasn’t interviewed.  As much as I think we all would have felt happy for Zim had he got a chance to lead a franchise, having him return for a 5th season in Cincinnati is happy and welcomed news.  The things Zimmer has been able to do with this defense are just short of miraculous, and the continuity gained in terms of scheme and leadership should serve the team well in 2012.

That said, it appears there will be some turnover on the staff. PFT reports that secondary coach Kevin Coyle is close to landing the defensive coordinator gig in Miami, working for old friend Joe Philbin.  Coyle spent a decade coaching the Bengal DB’s, and the Bengals apparently granted the Dolphins permission despite turning down the same request from Philadelphia last year.  Assuming Coyle gets the job, and all the tea leaves seem to suggest it, Marvin Lewis will be looking for a new secondary coach.

But that’s not all.

News around the campfires is also that linebackers coach Jeff FitzGerald’s contract will not be renewed.  Last year at this time word got out the Fitz wouldn’t be back, but it turned out he was brought back.  This time, his departure seems more certain, especially with Lewis stating that he has one opening on his staff currently.

It will be interesting to see who Lewis brings in to fill these jobs.  One name I’ll just throw out there as wild speculation is Rod Woodson.  Woodson played for Lewis in Baltimore and they seem to have a mutual admiration.  Woodson interned with the Bengals in 2010 and spent the 2011 season coaching the Oakland cornerbacks.



  1. Rod Woodson is a big name but I don’t see him as a viable candidate. Did you see how badly the Raiders secondary was this year? 26th in the league against the pass. Yes I know they lost their best corner, but still I don’t know if Woodson is the guy for the job. But they’re the Bengals for a reason, so it also wouldn’t surprise me if he’s coaching the DB’s next fall.

    • Good points Seubs. I’m not saying I’m rooting for it..just reading the tea leaves. I know that Marvin Lewis has called Woodson the best defensive back he’s ever seen, and I know that Woodson loves Lewis as a coach. Woodson has worked as an intern on Lewis’ staff, so I think that also factors in.

      Regarding the Oakland defense, I agree that 26th is not good, even without their best corner. That said, I have two words that might help explain it beyond Woodson: Chuck Breshnahan.

      he was the D-coordinator last year under Hue Jackson. I don’t think we ever did better than the 20’s when he was here either.

      Either way, I’m not rooting for or against–just speculatin’

      • Certainly understand that Chuck B certainly didn’t help Woodson’s cause. Who knows maybe he’s a great coach and may wind up on the Bengals staff. I’m just thankful Zimmer is back in the fold for another year.

  2. So far the offseason has been a huge win. Having both coordinators returning is a huge advantage and somewhat unexpected. Hopefully the momentum continues all the way through free agency and the draft.