August 16, 2017

Mocking the Mocks: Dennard Falling to Round 2?

The number of mock drafts already sailing through cyberspace is reaching preposterous levels. And many of them are placing Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard with the Bengals in the first round. However. according to ScoutsInc.’s Steve Muench, Dennard’s rough week at the Senior Bowl, where he’s been struggling to keep up with wide receivers, might be pushing him into the second round.

“Dennard isn’t in a free fall, but he’s likely slipped to the middle of the second round and forced teams to go back to the tape for another and check his ability to locate and defend the deep out, among other things.”

Now, no one knows if NFL scouts feel the same wasy as Muench (they certainly might), but I don’t like Dennard with the Bengals anyway. He’s shorter than the coaches usually prefer  (around 5-10) and the Bengals have bigger areas of need elsewhere. (I’d start with guard and running back myself). So for me, it seems like the second round (or perhaps even free agency) might be a better place to go shopping for a cornerback.

But don’t be surprised if the mock drafts continue to say otherwise.