Lock ‘Em Up

Comments (2)
  1. Bill says:

    I would Dunlap on that list ahead of Gresham. Both need to prove themselves a little more, but Dunlap has done more on the field than Gresham. They should still lock up Gresham because he can and should be a huge force on offense. But based on what they have done to date, if I can only keep one of the two, I want to keep Dunlap.

  2. Nate says:

    Dunlap is a great player, perhaps the best on the entire team, but his supposed work habits and injury history have kept him off the field at times. I’d try to keep him regardless, but I would want to see some consistency before I’d give him big-time money. Gresham is in a similar category. He’s been a good player, but not great. He shouldn’t expect to get Powerball money just yet.