June 27, 2017

Bunting Mock 2.0: Richardson and Jenkins To Bengals

Wes Bunting has Richardson getting Stripes

National Football Post’s West Wes Bunting published his second Mock Draft today, and in it he has Alabama RB Trent Richardson falling all the way to 17, where the Bengals happily snatch him up.  Richardson, the consensus top back in this draft class should be long gone by 17, but Bunting suggests it will happen due to the needs of other teams ahead of Cincinnati, and the fact that running backs tend to slide.

Four picks later, he predicts the Bengals will grab troubled North Alabama CB Janoris Jenkins at 21. Bunting predicts that the Bengals will look past his character issues and smaller-than-ideal stature to snag help for their depleted secondary.

Can Cincy afford to look past Jenkins' past?

Regarding other prospects that have Bengal interest, Stanford OG David DeCastro goes at 11 to the Chiefs, South Carolina CB Stephon Gilmore goes at 20 to the Titans, OL Cordy Glenn goes at 23 to the Lions, Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd falls to the Texans at 26, Nebraska S Mark Barron goes 21 to the Patriots, and Baylor WR Kendall Wright goes at 30 to the 49ers.

Miami RB Lamar Miller falls to the second round.

Frankly, I’m not sold on Richardson as the kind of back Jay Gruden wants for his West Coast attack, and I’d prefer the team avoid Jenkins and his character flaws. 

What do you think, Who Dey Nation?




  1. I like Mark Barron, ss from Alabama. Lord knows Crocker has been terrible, and Reggie Nelson may not be the answer. Some drafts have us taking Lamar Miller, nice, but do we need a running back in the first round? Hell, Arian Foster was undrafted. Can we get a back that will kick AFC North ass in the later rounds? What about our guards? In what round do you replace Livings? PLEASE replace Livings….

  2. With the players left on his board at #17, I would prefer SS Barron and OG Glenn to his picks. I sense a hint of bias from Bunting. Giving Jenkins to the Bengals lets him get rid of a character issue guy (even though the Bengals have avoided those guys the last few drafts) and also lets him give Barron to NE (whom he must like, as he has them picking #32, making them SB champs.)
    I wouldn’t mind Richardson, but with the word that the Bengal coaches liked Doug Martin, they might roll the dice and try to grab him in the second round. I’m not sure I’d complain with Isaiah Pead either.

    • Was thinking the same with Pead. He would have to share a little with Scott, though. Not sure if he could handle a huge amount of carries without getting dinged up.

  3. I would really like them to take Barron from Alabama with one of the 1st round picks. Although I do believe that Sands or Mays may still have a shot to play in the league. Other than that, if Kirkpatrick slips they need to take him, but I am not high on Jenkins even though he is elite talent.

    Personally unless Richardson slips, I believe they shouldn’t take a RB in the first round. Someone like Michael Bush in FA would be ideal in my opinion.

  4. i like jenkins with are 2nd pick in the first i think he’s the best value at 21 but i do think with are 17th pick we should take decastro if he is there when we pick. I think we need to build the offensive line and protect dalton befor we take a running back in the first.

  5. Juniversal says:

    I wouldn’t take Barron in the 1st as some on here suggest. I want a guy who has great coverage skills in addition to playing in the box. Barron would be an upgrade but the safety class isn’t deep at all this year and Barron wouldn’t be a great value in the 1st. His coverage skills leave much to be desired.

    Jenkins and Richardson in the 1st would be amazing. Otherwise (if Trent is gone) i’d take an RB in round 2 and a guard and CB in round 1. It’s possible DeCastro would fall to us and I would be ecstatic if we grabbed him with our 17 pick and got Jenkins with our 21st.

  6. Richardson and Jenkins would be a dream come true for bengals fans. I honestly don’t think richardson will fall out of the top 10 but he will be a top 5 back in the next 3 years. As for Jenkins he wouldn’t even be on the board for us had he not gotten into trouble he was seen as a top 10 pick. While jenkins was at florida he played very well against some top receivers including aj green. Because of trent not falling to us (trade up please if needed) one of are biggest holes could be filled here at guard. David DeCastro would be amazing but he also probably won’t fall but a massive Cordy Glenn would be a great option. Also i don’t think any other running back are worth one of are 1st round picks. You can also find good backs in the later rounds. WHO DEY 2012

  7. Agree. Richardson would be a steal for us at 17. Elite back. Depending on which free agents we sign, at this time our top priority should be guard, with DeCastro and Glenn. Protect Dalton, dominate the line of scrimmage and time of possession, keep the opposing offense on the bench, run out the clock in 4th quarter… a top O-line would be huge for our young offensive skill players.

  8. to me the bengals need a power offensive guard one who is explosive off the ball and one to be solid in pass blocking,Taylor Mays when healthy can provide strength at safety.As far as rb i like the kid from uc Pead is a tough rb with bursts of speed at times and can be a brawler carrying the ball he will be there 3rd rd as far as 2nd rd go after a speed cover cb there will be plenty to choose from,but they have to protect Dalton to be successful.