Give Me Your Draft Strategy

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  1. Nate says:

    I’m not concerned with players as much as value. Best available player each time. No reaches. No baggage. If they do that, I’ll be happy and the team will be better for it.

    1. CK says:

      What about obvious, glaring needs such ad safety and guard? I get it, best available player/best athlete, the Bengals don’t need much. But what they DO need is safety and guard help. It’s just like a budget, wants vs needs. We may want this, but we NEED that…

      1. Bill says:

        “Best Available Player” is an important principle, but it always gets blended with need. Nate himself made the case that Trent Richardson (#3 on Mel Kiper’s big board) could still be available when the Bengals pick at #17 because the 16 teams picking before them have other, more pressing needs. And if the best player available at #17 is a QB, the fans would be in an uproar if the Bengals took him (which we know they won’t).

        But to be fair to Nate, I know that is not quite what he is saying. He is saying that if Barron is already gone at #17, don’t just go to the next best safety because the drop-off is huge, resulting in a serious reach that none of us want.

        That’s why I took the order I did. I think a CB is a bigger need than a safety, but based on players that are expected to be available on many of the mock drafts I’ve seen, the Bengals get better value taking Barron in the first and a CB in the second.

        I’m not saying that the Bengals need to draft in my order for me to consider the draft a success. Maybe they take a RB at #17. Depending on how the first 16 picks go, it could be a fantastic pick even though it goes nothing like how I would do it. But based on what we know right now, I would consider my list the maximum value. IMO.

  2. JR says:

    Not focusing on specific players, I just hope they address secondary and guard in the first round. Those are two of the most important spots to strengthen and the draft class at that point will be pretty strong.

  3. Nate says:

    There’s also free agency to consider. The Bengals could add a guard or safety before the draft and fill their holes ahead of time. I think they have to get certain positions filled, but it’s a combination of free agency and the draft and I don’t want to see them reaching for players in the draft to do it.

    1. CK says:

      Amen. No reaches, and no character issues. Who-Dey!