Win a Football Signed By Former Bengals LB Dhani Jones

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  1. Nate says:

    I’m sorry but there’s only one answer and that’s Ickey Woods. Guess that means I win the football…

  2. Beth in Rowlett, TX says:

    Favorite Bengal of all time? Well that’s a tough one, but I’m going to go with Ken Anderson.

  3. Growing up when I did… I’d have to say it’s Boomer.

  4. Sean Thorfinnson says:

    It would have to be Chad Johnson

  5. CK says:

    James Brooks. Without a doubt.

  6. Who_Dey says:

    Boomer Esiason. The master of the fake hand off.

  7. oldasdirt says:

    My favorite is Greg Cook. I loved watching him play for the short time he was able.

  8. joloy29 says:

    Carson Palmer…

  9. Jessica J. says:

    Check out what Dhani Jones’ had to say on VH1’s interview series, “Pass the Bowl”!

  10. Douglas Hill says:

    Anthony Munoz was my favorite Bengal of all time. He was a gentle giant, an 11 time All-Pro Tackle and a great humanitarian.

  11. Michelle Betcher says:

    Dhani Jones is my favorite…he’s a world traveler, he’s a suave dresser, he’s funny, got great personality, savvy business entrepreneur and he’s ripped!

  12. Reid39 says:

    Favourite Bengal of all time (Yes I spell Favourite with a “u” cause I am Canadian…wanna fight about it?

    Anyways FavoUrite Bengal of all times….Ashley Ambrose…with a close second being Mike Reid

  13. Real says:

    I own a Chad Johnson jersey, a Chad Ochocinco jersey, a card board cut out of 85 and even his book so I guess my answer is……Tim Krumrie.

  14. Jennifer Swanson says:

    Favorite Bengal of all time, easy— Dhani Jones!!!!!!

  15. FB All-Time: Georgia DE David Pollack #99Reasons

  16. Gotta say it, Reggie Myles!

  17. Jerry says:

    Daniel Coats #86

  18. Joe Moore says:

    Back in high school it was Chris Henry for sure. All time? Tim Krumrie!

  19. Scott Williams says:

    James Brooks #21. He could do it all.

  20. Carlos Chavez says:

    Anthony Muñoz