Draft Strategy (Redo)

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  1. Nate says:

    If Richardson is there, you have to take him right? Great value, low mileage (having sat behind Ingram), and success in football’s toughest conference.

    No on Jenkins and Kirkpatrick, the Bengals have enough talent now that they don’t have to gamble on risk/reward picks.

    No on Floyd too, the Lions have proven that first-round receivers don’t win football games by themselves. Plus, there are some good free agents available who could probably make a more immediate impact and are used to being a No. 2 receiver.

    If Richardson is gone, give me a guard. I bet the team likes Glenn better (they love Georgia, plus he’s massive and versatile), and I think i do too. If everything is the same – and it seems DeCastro and Glenn are about even – take the guy who can play tackle if needed too.

    I’ll pass on Barron too – he seems like Taylor Mays, who’s already on the roster. Big, fast, and best in the box. No use having duplicates. Now, if we can get Richardson and a guard at 17 and 21, sign me up. I’ll be stoked.

  2. kong_chr says:

    1. Trent Richardson of course – else i’ll take Decastro over Gleen because he is more of a leadertype i the locker room and seems like on of the most safe pick in the draft!

    2. Mark Barron, becuase we could use a ball hawk in the back field og he to has been a leader for Alabama og could be the voice in the secondary!
    also he has no legal isuse which is a plus that cannot be underrated!