Free Agency: Hot Corners

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  1. Bill says:

    With all of the cap space that the Bengals have available, adding quality FAs at CB and WR would be two HUGE wins in free agency. It doesn’t have to be the very top free agents, but really good ones. With Hall having a decent possibility of starting the season on PUP, they need someone to play opposite Clements. And when Hall does come back, that will give them three good CBs to put on the field.

    If Ghee is the plan, then they need to just let him play. Trying to get by on Jennings as their #2 CB would be a disappointing approach to 2012 for me.

  2. Nate says:

    I think the team has to bring back Jennings and also get someone (perhaps a mid-tier type) in free agency as well. That seems like a lot of spending at one position (especially if they draft a player there too), but remember, they play the NFC East, a pretty pass-happy division (Cowboys, Giants, Eagles, Skins) in crossover games next year.