July 20, 2017

Bengals: Draft Mover and Shaker?

ESPN.com’s Todd McShay listed the Bengals as one of five teams who could shake up the draft with potential trades at their first two picks. Recently, the Bengals have been pretty stagnant in the draft, standing pat and simply using their selections.

However, it’s possible that the team could be a bit more active this year with two first-round picks and a roster that is fairly solid already. Personally, I hope the team doesn’t make any drastic moves that would deplete their cache of draft picks. I’d be okay with jumping a few spots (to grab Trent Richardson perhaps), but other than that, the team should grab the best available player with each pick.

It might not be the sexy philosophy, but it will likely bring the most success.

Click the image to read McShay’s article on ESPN.com.