July 26, 2017

WhoDeyFans Exclusive: Todd McShay on the Bengals Draft

Todd McShay offered up some interesting possibilities for the Bengals' draft.

I spoke with ESPN’s Todd McShay for my upcoming book, Draft Daze, and was able to cram a question about our beloved Bengals into the conversation. McShay has become one of the country’s foremost experts on the draft by logging an impressive amount of time in film study. He watches several game tapes of all the prospects before the draft. And when you consider that there are more than 220 players selected each year, you start to realize the hours involved.

So McShay’s opinions and analysis are well-informed and worthwhile. Here’s what he had to say about the Bengals’ plans for the upcoming draft:

“I think having two first-round picks and with a team that’s on the upswing, having a franchise quarterback in place and a player on the upswing in A.J. Green, (gives them some options). They haven’t been in this position. They still have some needs, but do they package some picks and get Trent Richardson if he falls or do they sit back and maybe get a really good player (at another position) that they don’t necessarily need? That’s what Baltimore has done for so many years. I’m really interested to see where they wind up going. I think the best bet is to sit there (and pick a player at No. 17) and then see if you can get a trade (at 21) and get another pick. If you don’t get Trent Richardson, you might as well wait until the second round and get (Miam’s) Lamar Miller or (Virgina Tech’s) David Wilson or (Boise State’s) Doug Martin. If I’m a Bengals fan, I think I’d like to see them use one pick on a corner, get Dre Kirkpatrick or Janoris Jenkins, and then trade the second pick and get an extra pick…There will be a team that wants to move up (at No. 21).”
Many thanks to McShay for the interview. Follow him on Twitter (@McShay13) and check out his work with ESPN, including the entertaining podcast, First Draft


  1. Hopefully Muckleroy will be ready to play. Would hate to have to draft another backer because one douchebag can’t stay off the sauce…

  2. I was intrigued by what Muckelroy did in his rookie season. He was a tackle machine for some good teams at Texas too. I think he’ll have a chance to play with Rey facing a possible 4 game suspension. Perhaps Brandon Johnson might be back now as well.

  3. Using the 17th pick for a corner is a smart move. All Bengal fans know we have to replace JJ. I like Stephon Gilmore. Size and speed, and played in tough SEC. I don’t like SEC running backs thou. Something bout them idk… seems like there injury pron. Rough league with a lot of good defensive players. T Rich already has a lot of carries under his belt. Looking RB i would have to take Doug Martin. Ray Rice clone without all the carries and physical punishment T Rich has taken in his college career. Wheather they trade 21st pick or not CB and RB needs to be adressed in first 3 Rds. And we cant forget OG…

  4. If McShay is talking about the Bengals trading pick #21 to one of the 11 teams picking after them in the first round to take their first and either their second or third round picks (depending on their spot and the combined value of those picks), I would consider that a good move.

    I would also be OK with trading pick #21 to get two seconds, giving the Bengals three seconds in total. Only the Eagles and Pats have two seconds right now, although draft day trades could change that, but this scenario is unlikely.

    But I would not want them to give up a first to get a second and a third.

  5. That’s stupid. In a deep draft at the positions of need up keep both picks and fill holes now to be able to dethrone the old and aging rivals of the division. Don’t try to outsmart yourself like belilicheck has done recently constantly passing up on picking in the first to stockpile lower picks which amount to nobodies most of the time.. I’d love if thy could land decastro at guard and one of the corners

  6. I think it depends on what you have to give up to leapfrog a few teams. If you’re just moving up in front of the Jets (a few picks) to get an elite talent, I think they should do it. That would probably cost only a late round pick that might not make the team anyway.