Could Drew Brees Help The Bengals?

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  1. Nate says:

    Good post. I hope the team goes after Meachem and I also like the idea of targeting Ravens guard Ben Grubbs. You would strengthen a weak spot and also weaken a divisional opponent. Unfortunately, Baltimore will do what they can to keep him, but they may not overpay considering they have money in Marshall Yanda, the other guard. Considering Cincy has fairly cheap Pro Bowl talent in Aj Green and Andy Dalton, they should be aggressive with their money in free agency. In one huge offseason, the Bengals could snag some big FAs, draft some very good players, and reclaim the optimism that was destroyed last year. Now is the time to load up.

  2. Danny Moreno says:

    I am become a new orleans saints fan in the nfl.L