July 25, 2017

Could the Bengals Be Scared Off Alabama Prospects?

Could the Bengals’ early struggles with Andre Smith and the Alabama coaching staff scare the team away from taking Bama players this season?

I doubt it.

But considering the number of Crimson Tide players expected to go in the first round and Cincinnati’s last dealings with Alabama, it is an interesting point to consider. In case you’ve forgotten, Marvin Lewis didn’t believe the Alabama coaches were completely honest (“weren’t shooting straight”) when sharing information about Andre Smith, a first-round pick who struggled with weight and injury issues before playing fairly well this past season.

Whether or not Smith’s previous struggles will affect this year’s draft strategy remains unlcear, but I think it’s rather unlikely. Alabama has a number of first-round prospects, including running back Trent Richardson, and I think it’s doubtful that a previous sore spot would completely scare the Bengals away from Alabama players. But it is an interesting storyline in a draft that always seems to have plenty of them.

Stay tuned.


  1. I think this is valid, historically, BAMA prospects haven’t transition from college well with the Bengals organization. John Copeland (1993 1st pick), Andre Smith (2009 1st pick), both took a while to adjust and were major letdowns. Even free agent additions from BAMA have underwhelmed with us, guys like Simeon Castille (2008 Rookie) didnt make good of their stay here. The most successful BAMA prospect the Bengals brought in was Evan Mathis (2008-10) who after leaving the organization became one of the top players in the league at Guard for the Eagles, not even allowing one sack last year. So many reasons not to trust the word of Nick Saban, he was a horrible judge of talent on the pro level and the Dolphins are still trying to recover from his blunders. Our staff should rely on the game tape, workout, and interview and make the decision to bring in talent on that criteria alone.