Draft Lab: Top 5 Running Backs

Trent Richardson, Kambriel Willis
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  1. Travis says:

    These guys are experts? Look i know T. Rich is the best RB in the draft. All RB rankings has him #1. And i think i can speak for most all Bengal fans and say we dont need to trade up for him. We have to many other needs. The RB that we should aim for in my opinion is Doug Martin. Even thou Mel and Todd have him ranked low he is the best RB after T. Rich. If you need to see it for youself look at there career numbers from college. D.Martin did play 1 more yr than T.Rich but the numbers are very close. If D.Martin is ranked this low come draft day then maybe we can wait til Rd 3. If that happens he will be the steal of the draft. Check out the numbers, I have you might be suprised.