July 26, 2017

Kiper’s Mock 2.0

Mel Kiper has released his Mock 2.0

If you’re an ESPN Insider like myself you’ll see that Mel Kiper released his Mock 2.0 today. Here’s where he stands on the Bengals 2 first round picks:

17. Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama

“The Bengals held up pretty well against the pass last year, but should look for the heir to Johnathan Joseph, whom they lost to Houston before the 2011 season. Kirkpatrick fits the bill as a big, physical corner who doesn’t give up much in coverage given his size (nearly 6-foot-3), which makes him particularly good inside the red zone. He’s also not one to shy away from run support. The Bengals need a running back, too, but they can find value at that position much later. Glenn is also an option if the Jets don’t make that pick.”

This is the pick that had me screaming for joy.

21. David DeCastro, G, Stanford

“I have guard as one of the top needs for the Bengals, and they won’t do any better than DeCastro at this spot. A player who plays with exceptional awareness, DeCastro is the kind of guard who helps you crack off bigger gains in the run and screen game because he gets a great initial punch, but will also get to the second level and throw great blocks out in space. Again, I don’t think Cincy gets enough value here at running back, but DeCastro helps the run game, too.”

I would absolutely LOVE it if the Bengals were to land DeCastro. Since he declared for the draft I have been dreaming of the Bengals selecting him. NOW, the chances of DeCastro being at 21 are NOT likely I don’t think, but you never know. Eric Steinbach was supposed to be a first rounder and he slipped.

How great would these two picks be for the Bengals? Let’s hope it happens!


  1. How about the NFL just lets Mel draft for each team? That would be amazing for us.

  2. Best scenario I’ve seen. Then come back in the 2nd Rd and get Doug Martin.

    • I like your thinking. Doug Martin is not that far of a downgrade from Miller in my book. If Richardson doesn’t slip to 17th, I say we wait for 2nd round. Or get one of the FA running backs (Mike Bush would be ideal).

      • I commented on Mel and Todd draft lab. I looked at numbers for 4 of 5 top backs.(T.Rich, D.Martin, L.Miller, D.Wilson) and what i found if my research is correct, D.Martin numbers are very similar to T.Rich. Few things that stood out, DM played 9 more gms. So of course he had more carries, yards, and TD’s, but his avg yrds per carry, avg yrds per gm, are right there with TR. Even his receiving numbers, catches and yards are the same. Numbers dont lie and i like what i seen. As for L.Miller numbers were low, but he played 2 yrs so…. Doug Martin is the guy!!!!

  3. Boom! Winning!

  4. I love both of these picks. For some reason I don’t think either guy will slip, but if they do I would be ecstatic. I really like Kirkpatrick as the 2nd best corner after Claiborne (and don’t see as much character concerns as Jenkins.) Plus he is 6’3! DeCastro is my ideal guy if we can get him, even over Glenn in my book.

  5. I like the fact that the Richardson’s numbers are in the SEC. Gives him a boost in my mind. If he gets past Tampa Bay, he could fall near the Bengals.

    • I like the SEC also, tough conference. I comment before that i didn’t like SEC backs. But after looking at T.Rich’s numbers, i changed my mind. Playing behind a Heisman winner helped keep a lot of wear an tear off of him. The bulk of his carries came in his Jr year. There’s a lot of SEC backs that come into the league and get injuried in first yr. McFadden, Ingram, Felix Jones, just to name a few. If he falls then “ABSOLUTELY” grab him, but we don’t have to reach. Another team to watch is the Browns. Some say they are going to take RGIII, but with Colt McCoy on the roster, and if they decided to stick with him then RB is a must for them. “Bengal fans lets all hope the Browns go another direction and leave T.Rich alone.”

      • The Stains should pick RGIII. Then they can re-sign Hillis and draft some receivers to go with their new quarterback. If they do pick Richardson after not signing Hillis, hell, maybe we should pick him up…

        • I said all last year, if given a chance Brian Lenard was our version of P.Hillis. I do like the idea. I’m sure Hillis would love to go up against Browns twice a year. Anyway you look at it Bengals are in a great position, with cap room and draft picks. (B.Scott voice) Can’t Wait!!!

      • If the Browns don’t take RG3 (likely because someone like the Redskins paid the king’s ransom to the Rams to move up to get him), then I think they take Justin Blackmon, not Richardson.

  6. I’m a firm believer that in today’s NFL, RB’s are an after thought. Look at the running games for both the Giants and the Patriots. Their run games were terrible. I personally feel like there are others way to spend the draft picks than running back. Its not like the Bengals have had the best of luck drafting running backs in the first round anyway. Shore up the offensive line, see what Scott can do for you. If you improve the o-line and scheme, who knows MAYBE we have our back already. I will say this though, IF the Bengals were to land DeCastro at either of those first round picks, I will be buying my season tickets within minutes after the selection. That’s how much want him to be a Bengal.

    • i agree with you there. Thats why they need to sit where they are. Seems to me that the RB position is deep this year. I’ve watched clips on them all. We can’t waste these 1st Rd picks. DeCastro at 17, if he’s there, GET HIM. Watched clips of him too. The guy is a pulling machine. The holes he opens up…. WOW!!! B.Scott can run behind him. Still if the Bengals can get Doug Martin in Rds 3-5, then i think we get him.

  7. There’s a ton of love for DeCastro everywhere, including by Mike Mayock, who is well-respected, but I have a feeling the Bengals will end up with Cory Glenn. They’ve established a connection with Georgia (Atkins, Green, Pollack, Thurman, Geathers, etc.) and Glenn is massive, which they seem to value in linemen. He’s also versatile (seen as a guard-tackle type), which I think they like as well. I haven’t watched enough tape on him to determine whether he’s better than DeCastro, but my gut tells me he could end up with the Bengals.

    • Heard that Glenn is entering the Draft as a Tackle. Not sure if its true but im sure the guy plays both positions well. If the Bengals take him I’m sure they take him at Guard. Also just seen on twitter Bengals already working, and offered contrats to both Rucker and Fanene!!!