Hue’s Baaaack!

The Bengals have announced the addition of Hue Jackson to the staff.
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  1. Travis says:

    You gotta give credit were credit is due. Great job Hue!!! Welcome back. I know its been awile, Just when i think you couldn’t be any dumber, and you go and do something like that, and totally redeem yourself, and bring 1st Rd picks back after you sold the Raiders on the fact that C.Palmer is still that guy. You mission is complete. Welcome home!!

  2. Nate says:

    When I first saw this, I was worried about how he would mesh with the offense that Jay Gruden has put in. I like that he’s been assigned to coach the defensive backs and special teams instead. Mike Zimmer will keep him in check if need be. And it certainly can’t hurt to have another guy around with head coaching experience and an eye for talent. I wonder if it will influence/affect a potential pursuit of Raiders free agent Michael Bush.

  3. CK says:

    Would LOVE to have Michael Bush.

  4. Travis says:

    He can also help with the AFC west part of the schdule next year

  5. renzo lee says:

    Wow…”How the Mighty have Fallen!”. I have 2 problems with this hire. 1) How bad of of coach do you have to be, that after going 8-8, you get the boot from an organization that hasn’t had much success recently? I understand “cleaning the slate” in Oakland, but are you that bad of a coach that you can’t get a job elsewhere pertaining to your specialty-Offense. Let’s look at the fired coaches this year and where there at now. Haley, Sparano, and Del Rio all fired midseason are working for other teams as coordinators. Spagnolo(DC), Caldwell(QB), and Morris(DB) have all found jobs on the side of the ball that was their specialty. We hire Jackson as assistant db and assistant special teams, really? Hue, you’re not even the lead dog…you’re the assistant to the assistant, “Thank you Sir, May I please have another?” Should have took a year off, did the analyst thing and saved a little credibility.
    2) Bengals have found another way to “Bungle” another situation. Why wouldn’t owner M. Brown just create a new title for HJ and call him a Sr. Assistant to the Offense, therefore when Jay Gruden or Ken Z leaves for a job next year HJ can slide right in? For one thing, he will be around the offense all year now and knows what works and doesn’t work for the offense, instead of twiddling his thumbs as a “what is your title again?” on defense. We always seem to take the cheap way out, even when it’s not costing us anything…Way to go ‘Cats’! Squaler