July 22, 2017

Cedric Benson continues to cry to the media

I am a very tolerant Bengals fan. I was a huge fan of Chris Henry even though his troubles were well documented. However, I lose my fandom for a player when they continue to whine and really make no sense doing it. As is the case with Cedric Benson. Sure, he had some great times here as a Bengal, he carried the team in 2009 and since has been upset that he is not getting the same type of load.

Maybe it is because he can no longer break a big one and has some trouble holding onto the ball.

So it comes as no surprise that he is continuing to bitch and moan that the Bengals have not focused him on offense. Never mind the fact that the Bengals made the playoffs or the fact that they were nervous he was going to get a sizable suspension for beating up some guy in Texas. He is upset he did not get more carries.

I wonder if I am the only one that is tired of his act so I look at some of the comments on the latest news on ProFootballTalk.

Ced had the seventh-most carries in the NFL despite missing a game and a half. Don’t know what he has to gripe about.

And the Bengals made the playoffs…by not running it as much.
They tried in the beginning of games, but kudos to Jay Gruden for realizing it wasn’t working and switched it up to passing on first/second downs, here and there.
Whether that was the line’s fault or Ced’s, it doesn’t matter.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.

The Bengals had 455 carries this year, good for 10th in the league. They had 535 attempts, which ranked 20th. It would appear that the Bengals counted on the run more than your average team. You can whine about “identity” all you want, but which is more likely to succeed: a pass from Dalton to Green, or a handoff to Cedric Benson? I rest my case.

Yeah, people are just as tired of it as I am.

The Bengals are an exciting young team. Most of the players seem to be out there to help the TEAM win and it seems Benson has fallen in the act of looking out for his own stats. Really, he could be under a large deal right now if he could keep himself out of trouble.

Good luck to Benson in the future, I am sure teams will line up to sign an overpriced running back who cries when he doesn’t get the offense run his way.


  1. Marvin said it himself, your gone Ced’ get the f’ out of town. Marvin and the Bengals brought you in and gave you a second chance at a NFL career and now your running your month. You are so ungrateful. You will be spilting carries the rest of your career, if you get a shot anywhere else. How’d Marvin put it, you had a “fine, fine career”