July 20, 2017

Trent Richardson: Draft Update

Word broke today that Alabama RB Trent Richardson suffered a knee injury during preparation for  the BCS Title Game and had arthroscopic surgery that will force him to miss this week’s NFL combine in Indy. He’s expected to do a full workout at Alabama’s Pro Day in March, but the injury could scare some teams early on and push him closer to the Bengals. It will be an interesting story to watch as draft season heats up.

Here’s a segment from ESPN that spotlights Richardson’s draft-prep workout regimen.




  1. Won’t scare anybody. That surgery is a dime a dozen.

  2. You might be right CK, but you never know. No one expected Da’Quan Bowers to fall so far last year. TR could put the questions to rest at his pro day. Stay tuned.


  1. […] Trent Richardson should slip all the way to #17 (and Nate reports that the likelihood of that has increased), he would be a greater overall value than a guard, which […]